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“Fighting poverty globally,

by harnessing creative power locally”  

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Artists Against Poverty

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower the

change-making women in our neighbouring countries to lift their families out of

extreme poverty, by providing microfinance funding in collaboration with our local artist community.

Holoama, Indoensia. Women and children f

Our Commitment. Our Beliefs.

At Artists Against Poverty, we are committed to doing something about it – using a different, and creative approach.


We believe in the creative power of young minds, emerging artists and local grass-roots movements.  


We also believe in women.

The centre of communities, the caretakers,

all-seers, facilitators, and creators. 

The Problem

There are currently 400 million people living in extreme poverty in the Asia-Pacific region, half of the world’s poor on Australia’s doorstep. 

This is a problem that as young Australians, we have often felt powerless to change. 

Our Creative Approach

1. Fight Extreme Global Poverty

We work closely with our project partner Opportunity International Australia to provide microfinance loans and financial services for women in the East Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia.


Our current projects are in Sumba, West Timor and Rote Island.  

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We create and facilitate the

projects, events, campaigns and audiences that allow artists to sell and share their work while partnering with us on the fight to end global poverty.


Artists donate a percentage of the sale of their works to the women in Indonesia that we support.

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We provide opportunities for young Australians to use their skillsets and enthusiasm for good.


We turn art-based platforms into funds, as well as greater awareness of the issues of extreme poverty which persist in our neighbouring Indonesian communities. 

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