As a Communications Officer, you will…

  • Assist and work closely under the Communications Director in their role

  • Work closely with Graphic Designer to make sure all communications maintain a strong alignment with the LOVE brand

  • Assist with the LOVE website (content creation, layout, updating our information etc.)

  • Engage the general Perth community by sharing the story of LOVE via online communication channels

  • Work with the Graphic Designer to interact and tell the story of LOVE in an inspiring and effective way, with the creation of graphics and supplemental visual components

  • Develop an understanding of our audience as you interact with people in the context of our mission

  • Maintain a thorough understanding of LOVE’s current marketing priorities and initiatives



This is what we feel you need to bring your best self to our team:

  • Similar experience from a past role

  • A qualification in a related field  is a big plus, but certainly not everything

  • If you’re innovative and strategic in your thinking, we LOVE that

  • An engaging and creative communication style with excellent written and communication skills is something pretty important

  • Demonstrate the fact that you’re organised, creative and have solid Comms skills



And this is what we know you’ll LOVE about working for LOVE:

  • Get exposed to leading corporates, NGOs and other organisations across Australia

  • Drive our journey from a start-up to an established non-profit

  • Work closely with the totally inspiring LOVE Foundation Perth team

  • Build your professional portfolio, support and expose local artists AND make a sustainable, positive change in the lives of many

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