Our International Communities

AAP is currently working closely with three Indonesian communities to help mothers start their own small businesses, earn a regular income and break the cycle of poverty for their families.

Our three communities:

1. Oetmanunu, Kupang

2. Watuhadang, Sumba

3. Buraen, Sumba

Oetmanunu has a population of 1890. 

This community faces these challenges:

  • Lack of public transport and paved roads,  making it difficult for residents to journey to school and nearby villages       

  • Lack of adequate housing 

  • Vulnerability to natural disasters, in particular droughts and flooding      

Watuhadang has a population of 2243.

This community faces these challenges:

  • Limited access to clean drinking water

  • No electricity on 50% of homes 

  • Vast infertile land

  • Vulnerability to natural disasters

Buraen has a population of 2888. 

This community faces these challenges:

  • Lack of access to secondary schooling  

  • Limited access to clean drinking water  

  • Lack of adequate housing  

  • Vulnerability to natural disasters  



City: Sumba

Country: Indonesia

Loan: $293

Loan Use: Opened a small kiosk

Lydia became the sole provider for her three children when her husband died. She often couldn’t afford to pay their tuition or provide enough food in a day. 

She received a loan of $293, which she used to open a small kiosk. 


Lydia is now able to buy nutritious food for her family, send her children to school, and save a small amount each week.


“Before I didn’t have this shop I carried a heavy burden. But now, the burden is gone.“



City: Kupang

Country: Indonesia

Loan: $47

Loan Use: Planting seeds to grow a   vegetable farm

Several years ago, Menci and her family lived in poverty and couldn’t afford proper meals a day.


With a loan of $47 Menci was able to buy seedlings and fertiliser to start a commercial vegetable garden with her husband.


Menci and her husband are using the income from the farm to afford regular meals and send their children to school.

“With an education, they will have a better life!”

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