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AAP partners with a wide variety of businesses in different capacities. We are highly flexible and can tailor any of our options to best suit our partners.

1. Bespoke AAP Art Event

We can create an art exhibition at a suitable venue showcasing work by AAP artists. This would be a unique event opportunity for your company's clientele. Proceeds from the exhibition would go towards artists commissions and our microfinance communities.

2. AAP Event Partner

Become a valued supporter of one of out major annual events: the AAP Art Exhibition and AAP Gala event. This could entail either a financial contribution, an in-kind contribution towards auction items or prizes or both.

3. AAP Partnership Packages

Become an official AAP partner through one of out previous detailed partnership packages, or allow us to create a custom partnership package that is best-suited to your company.

4. In-Kind Partnership

Partner with AAP in an arrangement that best suits your business. This might include pro-bono services, resources, or opportunites for exposure and networking.

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