Why the arts?


At AAP we believe the arts are a vehicle for change and can spark conversation. Our events invite attendees to challenge their world perspective, and ignite conversations about global issues in a non-confrontational and positive environment.


How do we support local artists, and how do local artists support AAP?


AAP run art focused events to provide a platform for Australian artists to show and sell their work – and in turn, our artists donate a portion of their art sales to AAP.


AAP partners with like-minded partners to plan, curate and source funding for these events – whether they be exhibitions, private workshops or other community or ticketed events. We are always seeking feedback from the local art community as to how we can further assist and bring people together.   

Promoting Local Artists

The funds that AAP provides to mothers in Indonesia are mainly generated by events we host throughout the year celebrating local artists – we partner with like-minded partners to plan, curate and source funding for exhibitions, private workshops and other community or ticketed events, where local artists are invited to contribute and sell their work, and donate part proceeds to our vision.



Our recent event, Artists Against Poverty, is an art installation held on the 10 – 15 June at W Churchill,

and showed the works of -


Stephen Brameld

Emma Blyth

Ariel Katzir

May Bluebell

Madi Bodycoat

 Our Social Painting sessions are the perfect opportunity for corporate bonding.


These intimate art classes for groups of up to 20 people are led by one of our resident AAP artists and are individually tailored to suit the client.


All proceeds go to both the artist and our microfinance communities in Indonesia.


Get In Touch

Reach out to find out how you could get involved with us as an artist

We have a private event coming up in November 2019 – we are taking expressions of interest until the end of September 2019.

Contact our Artist Manager, Eliza Murley to learn more.

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