What we do, is continue to relentlessly build and share our creative framework for real global change.
On the way, we have learnt that as a team, we are united by a core set of beliefs, and have come to acknowledge some important things:
We acknowledge that global poverty is a devastating and complex human problem that sits right at our doorstep, 
that sits in our neighbouring countries, and that is a problem that as young people we want to, but often feel powerless to, to help solve, change, and fight. 
And, if we believe that young people moving through school, University and their early working lives, individually have creative, agile and passionate minds, that are capable of solving complex human problems, and that these same people are the current and future custodians of the world we live in.
Then, we also acknowledge that young people having this feeling of powerlessness, is not a helpful state, and in fact, when taken from  an individual state of powerlessness, to a collective state, may deepen, or be why such problems have, and will, continue to persist.  
If we believe that one of the missing ingredients in capturing the problem-solving abilities of young change-makers, with respect to global poverty issues, is simply putting together a framework that is fun, inclusive, flexible and adaptable, and that allows young change-makers to create,
then, that is something worth putting together!
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Rallying local change-makers +  harnessing the creativity of local emerging artists + working with a values-aligned project partner + the power of microfinance + investing and empowering women in Indonesia... 
= real, global change in the fight to end global poverty.
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